About Us


CAIA.org is an official foundation (501c3) dedicated to supporting the rescue, welfare and well-being of animals.  Carrie Ann Inaba and The Entertainment Industry Fund have partnered up to create this much needed organization to actively help those who have no way to help themselves.

The CAI Animal Project collaborates with other rescue and animal organizations by funding and creating unique programs that help end the senseless killing of millions of innocent animals each year and encourages the human – animal bond that is so healing and enriching for us all.


Founder: Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie Ann Inaba, is an award winning television host, choreographer and producer born who is most famous for her role as the only American Judge on the ABC hit, “Dancing With The Stars”.  She was born and raised in Hawaii and lived on a wildlife preserve most of her childhood.  Due to that unique circumstance, she has always considered herself a protector of the animals.  Coming from a childhood where she had her own personal struggles and was too young to speak out, she has always felt the need to protect those who can’t speak out for themselves.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her 4 cats and 2 dogs, all of whom she has rescued and says in return, have rescued her.


Carrie Ann Inaba